Engineering Division


The consulting area is where projects with a wide frame of sustainable development are developed, with a focus on solving problems affecting the environment. Year after year, K2 Ingenieria is having an exponential growth in specialized knowledge which gives us an added value when advising our customers and being able to lead them to diagnose and finally solve their environmental and social problematic. Our main pillars in project development are Air, Noise, Water, Meteorology, Fauna and Flora.

Environmental monitoring networks administration:

K2 Ingeniería develops design, implementation, operation and management of environmental monitoring networks projects with specialized personnel in the mining, oil, airport, farming sectors, public services companies and government entities, which include: monitoring staff, equipment, analysis and publication of data.

Water Engineering:

We are specialists in design engineering, interventory and residual water treatment plans management.

In the field of water engineering, K2 counts with a team specialized in the development of residual water treatment projects adapted to the needs of the costumers, complying with the technical and quality requirements demanded and considering that the proposed solution is sustainable over time.

K2 Ingeniería offers our consulting expertise applied to the following topics:

  • Treatment plants design: The processes dimensioning and detail engineering is done to make turnkey projects in water treatment possible using the best technology available for each case.
  • Interventories: Interventories are executed in an integral way to nationwide, high impact water residual plants projects, in the technical, administrative, accounting and financial components of the constructions to perform.
  • Projects Management: K2 Ingeniería provides projects managements services when the costumer requires technical assistance in the project cycle.

In this field, K2 performs the design and commissioning of residual water treatment plants (PTARs) for different water types in different field at national and international level.

Furthermore K2 performs complex waters treatment projects, like leachate from dumps, Eco parks, composting plants, residual treatment plants and all kinds of residual waters with difficult treatment.

In each case we offer the best solution available, designing and building treatment plants with BRM technology, microbioflotation, tertiary treatments with micro hues, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, evaporation, exchange resins and any other necessary system depending on the identified problematic.

K2 Ingeniería offers the best available technology in function of the type of residual water, whether of urban or industrial origin.


  • Sifting
  • Desanding
  • Degreasing

Primary treatments:

  • Physiochemical
  • Clarification
  • Flotation

Secondary treatments:

  • Conventional activated sludge
  • Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
  • Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
  • Bio filters
  • MBBR Process – mobile riverbed

Tertiary treatments:

  • EDR
  • Phosphorus precipitation
  • Sludge lines: Anaerobic digestion, Mechanical Dehydration.


Environmental Management

  • Specialized administration and management for environmental projects.
  • Operation of environmental monitoring systems.

Air Quality Consulting

  • Design and installation of urban and industrial air quality monitoring and tracing networks.
  • Dispersion models.
  • Emissions inventory.
  • Technical manuals and protocols.
  • Surveillance systems and networks interventory.

Noise Consulting

  • Environmental noise digital maps.
  • Design, installation and operation of noise emissions measuring networks for industry and urban areas.

Hydrology and Water Quality Consulting

  • Hydrological and hydrogeological analysis of basins.
  • Design and installation of automated information systems.
  • Hydrometeorology – SAIH (Early alerts systems).
  • Design and installation of automated networks for quality monitoring and hydric resource quantity monitoring.
  • Advice and interventory in network construction for water quality and early alerts systems.

Waste Consultancy

  • Dangerous residues.
  • Treatment systems assembly.

PTAR Consulting

  • Design, supply and operation of residual water plants.

Forestry and Related

  • Forest harvesting projects.
  • Species saving and relocations projects.
  • Forest inventories.
  • Fauna inventories.
  • Revegetation programs.