Monitoring Division

In Situ Monitoring

Monitoring services are provided through specific campaigns to industries such as power, mining, oil, etc. Given the level of development of the HSEQ system the company the most demanding customers in this area have a preference for K2 to develop campaigns in their facilities since they minimize the risks associated with the interaction with its activity, this aspect has an important position the company in developing legal compliance campaigns. Also for public audit clients campaigns are made to companies in order to corroborate the results of monitoring submitted to the environmental authorities for these companies. The company enjoys an outstanding reputation in making monitoring campaigns, due to the reliability of the information provided.

Environmental Laboratory

As a support to all its services K2 has an environmental laboratory accredited to the ISO17025 standard by IDEAM. The company pioneered the issue of accreditation when this process started and is in permanent accreditation of new techniques. Also we provide the service of private laboratories in some mining companies or industries that require a complete service of monitoring systems for their operation.

Our experience and expertise of each of the topics makes possible for our customers to receive:

  • Permanent advice and support in reporting to local and national environmental authorities.
  • Facilitate and accelerate decision-making regarding the measures to be implemented for the prevention and mitigation of environmental impacts.
  • Compliance of legal requirements in the environmental framework for the development of the activities of the company.
  • Reduction of environmental liabilities for potential fines and non-compliances.


Air Quality Monitoring

  • Sampling Air Quality parameters: TSP, PM10, PM2.5, NO2, SO2, O3 and CO, H2S, NH3 and hydrocarbons.
  • Design of Air Quality surveillance networks (SVA).
  • Baseline and future scenarios modelling.

Environmental Noise Monitoring

  • Diagnosis Establishing Noise and Noise Maps and networks.
  • Measurement of Environmental Noise and Noise Emission (points daytime, night, ordinary days and Holidays).
  • Noise Modeling (Industry, Commercial, Airports, urban, transportation, railway, etc.).
  • Advice and Diagnosis.
  • Gauging Vehicle.
  • Decontamination plans.

Measurement of Emissions from Stationary Sources

  • Determination of particulate matter such as PM10 and PM2.5 in EPA sources using the E.P.A. 201A method.
  • Partial inventory of stationary sources.
  • Analysis of historical information about stationary sources.

Water Quality Monitoring

Sampling and Analysis of Water Quality:

  • Domestic
  • Residual
  • Shallow
  • Subterranian

Contaminants Modelling

  • Dispersion models of air quality pollutants
  • Dispersion models of residential, industrial, airports noise, among others.