K2 Ingeniería, is a Colombian company, incorporated in 1999, which integrates the experience in different areas of environmental, civil, mechanical, electronic and systems engineering to offer a wide portfolio of consulting, monitoring and technology integration services.
K2 Ingeniería has specialized in the environmental area, a sector in which it develops outstanding projects at a national level.

Divisions & Services

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K2 Ingeniería
In the consulting area, projects are executed within a framework of sustainable development where the solution of problems affecting the environment and the environment is mainly sought.
K2 Ingeniería
We carry out the supply, installation and start-up of integrated monitoring networks with real-time transmission and visualization through a data platform.
K2 Ingeniería
K2 Ingeniería in the monitoring division reliably provides specific monitoring services through campaigns to industries, mining companies, oil companies, energy companies, etc.


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K2 Ingeniería

Testing laboratories constantly updated

In Colombia, the technical competence of testing laboratories is determined by compliance with the requirements of ISO IEC 17025 standard, which has been modified in its 2005 version to ISO IEC 17025:2017.

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