Agricultural Sector

Agricultural business in Colombia takes an important space in the country’s economy, this sector is seriously affected every year by a series of extreme climactic events, which has a big socioeconomic impact in the regional and national ambit where agriculture depends on temperature behaviors and rainfall regime, which causes floods and landslides in cultivated terrains, plagues proliferation and disease expansion, chances in the crops’ vegetative cycles, chances in plague’s cycles, bigger production seasonality, losses in production and crops yield and threats to food safety among others.

Taking into account the negative impacts caused by climatic change, it is important to monitor with more detail the areas with crops to evidence the seasonal behavior. From these problematics it is manifested the need to have historical records and information management in order to have impact projections of the climatic changes on the socioeconomic scenarios to be able to take decisions leading to minimize the impacts in the area of interest.

K2 Ingeniería is a company that integrates experience in different areas of engineering, where it has identified the need production companies have to monitor the environmental variables in order to have historical records and be able to make accurate projections for decision making in the field of agriculture. With a wide experience on this sector major networks has been installed in the country for parameters monitoring such as temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, direction and speed of wind, barometric pressure, UV and solar radiation, soil humidity and leaf humidity, also quality and quantity of water in river basins with the appropriate instrumentation for every application.

We offer our clients the necessary tools to perform the hydro climatological measuring for projecting crops on the long term, by making records every year and projecting future conditions.

Over more than 18 years of experience we have developed projects of big importance with the Sustainable Development and Environment ministry of Colombia – MADS, Projects Development Financial Fund – FONADE, nationwide producers’ federations and associations, coffee, rice, sugarcane, palm, cereals, cotton producers among others.

Hydrometeorological Networks for the Agricultural Sector

Although in Colombia exists networks of meteorological stations across the territory on behalf of state and private entities, for the producers on this sector it is vital to have specific information from the regions of concentration of agricultural plantations, likewise to determine different hydrometeorological variables in order to have historical data on the seasonal behaviors for strategic decision making regarding production, pest management, irrigation systems expansion, among other relevant aspects within the agricultural production.

Hydrometeorlogical information is one of the most relevant aspects in this productive sector in the country, taking into account that Colombia goes from draught periods to floods, and in the latest years by effects of climatic change these periods has been altered during the different months of the year.

K2 Ingeniería has been pioneers in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of environmental variables monitoring network in real time in order to facilitate the obtaining of this information and decision making. We provide the clients with the opportunity to have clear, precise and quick information from any electronic device (PC, Tablet, Mobile phone, among others) in real time.

“We offer our customers an automated and autonomous system for measuring and recording of the environmental variables of interest in order to improve the agricultural production, and so count with historical and base information for the prevention of plague seasons and natural events such as floods and thus economic losses caused by weather, water and soil”.

Director of I+D+i technologies

Environmental Quality Surveillance Systems - SVA

SVAs are systems for real time environmental variables measuring (air, noise, hydrometeorology and water quality), through the use of software, automated monitoring equipment, telecommunications and consulting that provide the client with a real and updated diagnostic of the environmental impacts that their activity causes so decisions can be made in a timely manner and in compliance of their legal requirements.

¿What are the advantages of implementing an SVA?

  • Management and control of the companies’ environmental obligations.
  • Availability of information to determine the operation’s environmental impact.
  • Integrated and continuous tracing of the environmental variables of interest.
  • Availability of early alerts for timely mitigation.
  • Analysis of historical records.


  • SVA-HYDRIC: Surveillance and information system for environmental quality of the hydro meteorological and hydric quality variables, real time data transmission.
  • SVA-METEO: Surveillance and information system for environmental quality of the meteorological variables with telemetry for real time visualization.