Airport Sector

We are a company that integrates the experiences of environmental engineering and civil engineering to offer a wide specialized consulting and services portfolio, technologies integration and environmental variables monitoring.

K2 Ingenieria is recognized at the level of South America for the execution of projects in the areas of environmental consulting for air quality, noise, hydrometeorology and water quality.

We offer our customers the necessary tools to perform the measures of their impact in the environment for compliance of regulatory requirements, with a qualified team that provides specialized technical support, we become key allies in environmental impacts control strategies.

Over more than 18 years of experience we have developed projects of great importance for the Ministry of ambient and sustainable development – MADS, Sustainable Projects Financial Fund – FONADE, Civil aeronautics, and the main airports at national and regional level, among other 600 companies.

Airport Lines

The aeronautics industry is a key sector in the national and international economy, which has presented a constant growth in its metrics on the past 5 years, a tendency that will be maintained for the next decade. Passengers’ traffic, fleet occupation index, operation efficiency, aircraft usage index, ticket prices, among other factors, have presented a positive evolution, which makes the industry a focus for progress and development on every city and country.

Detailed result of the air passenger market - December 2016

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Image 1. Release 05 IATA. Another healthy year for the demand of air transport in 2016.

Airport operations inevitably generate an impact within its area of influence. Its constant growth and the increase in variety and frequency of travel routes affect the population close to the terminal. For this reason urban development and population movements around the airport condition its growth possibilities and exploitation of the big opportunities that the market offers.

Faced with the challenge of reconciling the quality of life of the population neighboring the airport and the development of the terminal, we offer a specialized and integral counseling that allows the terminal operators to manage the impact of their operation in the environment, avoid operational restrictions, project airport growth and comply with the legal requirements of the environmental authorities.


Our experience and mastery over every subject allows our customers to carry out their projects adaptable to their requirements:

  • Design, installation, commissioning of Environmental Quality Surveillance Systems – SVA.
  • Air quality specialized consulting.
  • Environmental noise consulting, stopping noise events caused by aircrafts and determination of the Direct Area of Influence (AID)

Air Quality Surveillance and Information Systems (SVA)

Our SVA applied to airports gives a verified methodology for real time management of air operations and their impact in the environment. Making available for the customer tools used at international level and our expertise in monitoring network operations and specialized consulting services, allowing our clients to achieve growth on their operations on medium and long term, fulfilling their regulatory requirements.

Together with our international allies we have over 25 years of experience in projects managing transport systems impact in the immediate environment. With completed projects in four continents and hundreds of clients across the globe.

Our methodology allows:

  • Measuring of environmental variables in any existing situation with cutting-edge technology equipment.
  • Evaluation of different operation scenarios using proved modeling tools.
  • Control of your airport’s operations with real time tracing of air routes.
  • Sustainability of your airport’s operation, integrating different sources of information and actors involved to find strategies for continuous improvement that allows exploiting the business’ opportunities.

Our proved methodology with success cases at national and international levels allows us to have a unique value offer, by offering an integral project that allows to consolidate an optimal management model for your air terminal. Additionally, we offer our experience in the permanent communication with the community from the AID to answer your requirements from the environmental viewpoint achieving a decrease in complaints and nuisances that the operation of the air terminal may cause. K2 Ingeniería presents the best option for the effective implementation of airport environmental management projects in the South American market.

Advantages of implementing a SVA

  • Management and control of the environmental obligations for companies.
  • Availability of information to determine the environmental impact of the operation.
  • Integrated tracing and continuous of the environmental variables of interest.
  • Availability of early alerts for opportune mitigation.
  • Predictive evaluation of possible scenarios.
  • Historical records analysis.
  • Social management.


  • SVA-AIR: Surveillance and information system for particle and gas environmental quality with automatic samplers and telemetry components for real time data visualization.
  • SVA-ACUSTIC: Surveillance and information system for environmental noise quality, aircraft noise events detection and meteorology in real time.
  • SVA-METEO: Surveillance and information system for environmental quality of meteorological variables, with telemetry for real time visualization.

Air and Noise Quality Consulting

Services focused on diagnosing the environmental problematic referring air and noise quality in the terminal’s area of influence, including:

  • Acoustic and atmospheric contaminants dispersion models.
  • Emissions inventory
  • Historical data analysis, AID determination and update, aircraft noise events detection, source characterization based on ISO 1996 methodology.
  • Permanent accompaniment to answer the environmental requirements that the competent authority requires.