Government Sector

We are a company that integrates experience in the areas of environmental engineering, systems engineering and civil engineering to offer a wide portfolio of specialized consulting services, technologies integration and environmental variables monitoring.

K2 Ingenieria is recognized at the level of South America for the execution of projects in the areas of environmental consulting in air quality, noise, hydrometeorology and water quality.

We offer our clients the necessary tools to perform measures of their environmental impact for the compliance of normative requirements, counting with a specialized team that gives specialized technical accompaniment, being key allies in the implementation of strategies for environmental impact control.

During more than 18 years of experience we have developed projects of great importance in the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development – MADS, Financial Fund for Sustainable Projects – FONADE, Regional autonomous corporations – CARs, departmental governorates, Municipalities, among other state entities.


Our experience and mastery on every subject allows our clients to develop projects adaptable to their requirements:

  • Design, installation and commissioning of Environmental Quality Surveillance Systems – SVA.
  • Air quality specialized consulting.
  • Environmental noise and vibrations consulting.
  • Water quality and hydrometeorology consulting.

Environmental Quality Surveillance Systems - SVA

SVAs are systems for real time environmental variables measuring (air, noise, hydrometeorology and water quality), through the use of software, automated monitoring equipment, telecommunications and consulting that provide the client with a real and updated diagnostic of the environmental impacts that their activity causes so decisions can be made in a timely manner and in compliance of their legal requirements.

¿What are the advantages of implementing an SVA?

  • Integrated and continuous tracing of the environmental variables of interest.
  • Availability of early alerts for timely mitigation.
  • Analysis of historical records.


  • SVA-AIR: Surveillance and information system for gas and particles environmental quality with automated samplers and telemetry components for real time data visualization.
  • SVA-ACUSTIC: Surveillance and information system for environmental noise and meteorology quality.
  • SVA-HYDRIC: Surveillance and information system for environmental quality of the hydro meteorological and hydric quality variables, real time data transmission.
  • SVA-METEO: Surveillance and information system for environmental quality of the meteorological variables with telemetry for real time visualization.

Air Quality Consulting

Services focused on diagnosing the environmental problematic regarding air quality in hydrocarbon projects, including:

  • Contaminants dispersion models
  • Emissions inventory
  • Historical data analysis
  • Environmental consulting training and monitoring of industrial sources

Noise and Vibrations Consulting

Projects to determine:

  • The impact in noise pollution generated by the productive activity.
  • Noise pollution decontamination plans in populations of interest.
  • Long term environmental education policies.
  • Acoustic representation maps.

Water Quality and Hydrometeorology Consulting

Consulting focused in determining the hydrologic, meteorological and water quality conditions of water sources located within the project and its influence area.

  • Characterization of spills.
  • Flow balances.
  • Topo-bathymetries determination.
  • Water quality analysis.
  • Rainfall zones determination or rain areas based on pluviometer networks (depending on the information of each pluviometer the area of influence for the recorded rain is calculated).